Find the right rechargeable replacement battery for your pedelec and e-bike

Electric bikes feature in many aspects of our daily lives, whether it’s commuting to work, a relaxed family outing or adrenaline-filled downhill racing.

The electric motor provides the necessary tailwind, letting us speedily move forward. They are also extremely environmentally friendly and almost silent. Using your electric bike helps you preserve your energy for the day ahead while getting some exercise.

At Akku Vision, you’ll find the right battery to suit your riding habits and drive system. For longer distances, less weight or to upgrade an older battery. We fulfil various requirements with our EBV E-Bike Batteries to give you a comfortable riding experience.

Specialist Trader Concept

Our products are only sold through specialist retailers.
You can get your EBV E-Bike Battery and competent advice on our products from our specialist retail partners.

Experience the quality of our products for yourself in-store.

In case your specialist trader does not offer our products, you can point the products out to him. He can order your new replacement battery from us in your name.

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Our Idea

The development and production of high-quality replacement and upgradable batteries with greater range for your pedelec or electric bike.

Our promise

We do our best every day to be at the very top with innovative products for pedelecs and e-bikes and to give you a good feeling.

Our warranty

We trust our batteries, which is why you’ll get a 24-month guarantee with our EBV E-Bike Batteries, extendable to 36 months guarantee if desired!

Our service

A competent and motivated team is on hand for any questions and suggestions you may have about our products.