eBV E-Bike Battery

compatible to Yamaha (PW / ST / TE / CE) drive system

17,1 Ah / 624 Wh
20,7 Ah / 745 Wh
EBV E-Bike Battery compatible to Yamaha
699,- €

Our EBV E-Bike Batteries are compatible with the Yamaha* PW, PW-X, PW-X2, PW-SE, PW-ST, PW-TE and CE drive systems and corresponding Yamaha charging unit. These powerful batteries can be effortlessly integrated into the proven system, allowing you to cover greater altitudes.

Our EBV E-Bike Battery is available as a downtube battery in two different capacity versions. At 624 Wh or 745 Wh, our batteries are the perfect companion for steep climbs and extra-high mountains.

The modern lithium-ion technology guarantees a reliable, high-performance battery. An optimised battery management system and intelligent cell balancing provide a long lifespan and safe battery usage.

EBV E-Bike Battery compatible to Yamaha Frame battery

PositionCapacityWeightRRPItem No.Dimensions
Icon Position downtubeFrame battery17,1 Ah / 624 Wh3,5 kg699,- €10060Download
Frame battery20,7 Ah / 745 Wh3,5 kg899,- €10061


  • PW
  • PW-X
  • PW-X2
  • PW-SE
  • PW-ST
  • PW-TE
  • Compatible with the original Yamaha charger
  • Can be used optionally with the E-Bike Vision chargers (4A, 6A) with additional charging adapter
Check compatibility

Does the battery fit into my bicycle?
Download a simple template to check. Print out, cut out, glue together and hold against the bicycle. Do not use any scaling (only 1:1) for printing. Most programmes adapt the printout to the page size.



  • Deep Sleep Function: the replacement battery drops into a deep sleep automatically after 24 hours of inactivity to reduce self-discharging. Simply activate the capacity button at the battery before every journey and the battery wakes up at once.
  • Weatherproof and dust-tight
  • Integrated battery management system
    • Overload protection
    • Undercharging protection
    • Protection against high discharge currents
    • Short-circuit protection
    • Protection against temperatures that are too high/too low
    • Intelligent cell balancing
    • Single cell monitoring
  • Made in Germany
  • UN-certified
  • 24-month guarantee (36 month guarantee option)

Additional instructions are available in the download area