After Sales Service for dealers

organise the collection of goods

You can easily submit your collection orders, complaints and repair orders to our service team via the returns form.

As a retailer, you have the option to organise the return of goods for analysis or repair.
Please complete all fields in the returns form. After successfully submitting your information, you will be notified of the collection time by our logistics provider.

Please package the goods with sufficient packaging when returning. The collector will label the outer packaging.

As the end customer, you have the option to return the product to the specialist retailer from whom you purchased our product.

Various fault analyses and stress tests will be carried out for repairs.
Faulty components such as the BMS (battery management system), the battery pack (core pack), housing or charging and discharge sockets will be replaced and retested.

Return form

Please upload one file per product with a maximum of 2 MB and no more than 8 MB in total.

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I agree in case of an unjustified complaint, e.g. guarantee has expired, defect cannot be identified, defect due to external influences, that Akku Vision GmbH will charge a service fee (Germany/Netherlands/Austria 35,- EUR excl. vat; Switzerland and rest of Europe 50,- EUR excl. vat))I herewith confirm that I have read and accept the E-Bike Vision privacy policy. (Privacy Policy)