Erweitern Sie die Garantie Ihres Akkus auf 36 Monate

How does it work?

You can extend your battery guarantee to 36 months via the following form.

Warranty extension

Simply complete and sign the application form and return it together with your proof of purchase by e-mail to our Service Department:

Our service department will process your application and send an invoice of €49.70 to your provided email address.

Once we have received your payment, we will send you a guarantee extension certificate, a safety label with the guarantee number and the original invoice by surface mail.

Please stick the safety label with the guarantee number below the silver performance label on your battery. Our Service will only be able to allocate your battery with this number.

You want more security?
You definitely want our 36-month-guarantee extension for your rechargeable battery!

We trust our rechargeable batteries without restrictions and we want you to trust us even further.

For this reason we offer you our extended guarantee of 36 months.

Guarantee conditions:

Provided you apply to have your guarantee extended to 36 months within 6 months following your purchase, the extension would cover all EBV E-Bike Batteries. Factory seconds are excluded from a guarantee extension.

Beyond the statutory warranty, we grant a 24-month guarantee for our rechargeable batteries. In order to benefit from the 24- or 36-month guarantee, it is mandatory that you submit your invoice resp. the guarantee extension certificate.

The following is excluded from a 24- and/or 36-month guarantee:

The guarantee claim becomes void once the performance label of the rechargeable battery is removed!